Welcome to another week.

As news of an unprecedented number of child abuse allegations being reported to have taken place within Nottingham children’s care homes comes to light, the Council for the county have decided to set up a Historical Child Abuse Unit.

Made up of nine staff, three of whom will work part-time, further details relating to the Unit will be considered by counsellors on 21st September.

Several police investigations, including Operations Daybreak and Xeres which were established specifically to tackle child abuse in the Nottinghamshire area, are still running but require additional support due to the sharp rise in reporting.

As allegations of child abuse continue to soar, our question is just this: before we go any further, should the government create a blueprint for police forces across the country to respond to allegations of child abuse in order to ensure a uniform and thorough process across the country, or should we be looking to address these reports in a different manner entirely?