At Researching Reform we don’t often mention personal landmarks or online milestones, but when we received a notification in the early hours of this morning that our site had reached 1337 likes, we were curious about the significance of what seemed at first like a random number.

A little research on the net revealed a really interesting clue.

1337, or Leet, is actually an alternative alphabet for the English language, used mostly by internet mavens and hackers. Those who use it consider themselves to be an elite group within the online community, but it has since entered the mainstream and become more widely known.


So Leet, or 1337 is actually an abbreviation for eleet or 31337, which derives from, yes, you guessed it, the word elite. The idea then, is that once you hit 1337 likes on a WordPress blog you’ve joined a club of sorts.

We are sure many of you who read this blog and have blogs of your own will have reached this milestone also, so please do drop by and let us know and we’ll look forward to cheering you on.

All that’s left for us to do now is thank those of you who liked our posts enough to get us here. So thank you for supporting the blog and we hope we continue to offer you interesting content.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend,

Researching Reform xxxxxx