Martin Narey has been selected to join a new team of Non Executive Board Members at the Ministry of Justice. Narey, who is now a freelance consultant and goes by the company name of Martin Narey Ltd, was once the Chief Executive at Barnardo’s and advised the government on adoption.

This new team’s job at the MOJ will be to advise the government on policy proposals, provide support and strategic direction, and support the development of key performance indicators which will monitor the implementation of the Department’s business plans.

The MOJ also publish the criteria for Board Member status in their statement – apparently, as per the Code of Practice on Corporate Governance (yes, this is about money), the individuals selected should not be civil servants. However, it seems that past roles can include positions with the civil service, as Martin Narey was a civil servant himself prior to 2005.

Other Board Members include Liz Doherty, Lizzie Noel and Theodore Agnew.

It will be interesting to see what this team do for the government, and whether they help to infuse the child welfare sector with much needed support, or continue to deplete it through corporate policies which put children’s lives at risk. Let’s hope Martin remembers his roots.