We have to confess to not knowing we were having a birthday until last night, when the kind folks over at WordPress sent us a lovely birthday wish (read automated birthday congrats 🙂 ) so we’re delighted to say that Researching Reform turned six yesterday.

This made us feel a little nostalgic, so we thought we would share some fun facts about the blog with you, which we’ve accumulated in our very mature sixth year:

  • Up until recently, the editor of Researching Reform was by far the most prolific poster in the comments section, however, we have recently been overtaken by some lovely, loyal readers of the blog. They are the super Dana and Daveyone! Thank you to all our readers and commenters, the blog would not be what it is today without you, and a special thank you to Dana and Davey for sharing and posting.
  • To date, we’ve written nearly 1,500 posts, which are read world-wide from the United Kingdom and America, all the way to Australia, stopping off at places like Ukraine and South Africa along the way.
  • Some of the search terms which have led people to the blog over the years have been thought-provoking. Amongst the most popular are items relating to family judges who make the headlines, and questions about paedophilia. And sometimes the search terms have concerned us so much, that we’ve logged details with the relevant specialist agencies in law enforcement.
  • Our readers come from all walks of life: parents, young adults, activists, key stakeholders in government departments, politicians, peers and lawyers, and even the occasional celebrity.
  • The blog has welcomed nearly 90,000 visitors since it started in 2010.
  • By far our most read post, or page, which has been accessed over 7,000 times, is the article we wrote about Lord Blackheath and the part he had to play in knowingly sending children abroad to be sexually abused in Australia.
  • Most of our visitors come from the UK, the US, Australia and Canada, in that order.
  • The most typed searched term, perhaps not surprisingly, is “Researching Reform.” One of our favourites though, is “Born naughty?”

We’d like to take this anniversary and make it a celebration about the people who come to our blog, whether to find answers, give them or just a piece of their mind. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure writing here and researching family law and child welfare and we hope you’ll continue on with us on what we hope will be a long and exciting journey.

Thank you xxxxxxx