A petition on the website Change.Org raising concerns over crematoriums and the way they handle ashes of deceased babies has garnered over 62,000 signatures. It is calling on the government to launch a nationwide investigation into this area, amid fears that the recent scandal in Shropshire is just the tip of a terrible iceberg.

A recent inquiry into the disappearance of baby ashes at a crematorium in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, highlighted poor training and out of date equipment for the failure to return the ashes of babies to grieving parents. Understandably, this revelation only heightened the pain and suffering of the parents involved, a phenomenon in the Shropshire area which know has affected around 60 families to date.

The parents involved have now asked for an apology from the crematorium, which we hope they will receive and in some small way ease their suffering.

The petition aims to go a step further, as families around the country have begun to come forward with similar stories sparking the suspicion that this phenomenon may be a nationwide problem.

We have signed the petition because we believe no child should ever be lost, and no parent should have to lose their child twice. If you feel the same way, please join us by signing the petition.

A big thank you to Dana for alerting us to this item.