That’s the news this morning, and the cost breakdown is equally astonishing.

The Daily Mail reports that the Inquiry has already racked up £1,261,316 on various things.

We add a break down of known costs below:

  • Between July 2014 and the end of March, the Inquiry spent £1,261,316,
  • This is around £4,706 for each of the 268 days since it was announced,
  • A further breakdown reveals that £725,525 went on staff,
  • With £177,480 of the staffing costs going to Ben Emmerson QC, who is counsel to the inquiry,
  • £145,723 was spent on office accommodation,
  • £203,838 was dispensed for IT services,
  • £164,730 was spent on legal costs and;
  • £16,534 was used for travel and victims’ events, with the remainder used for ‘running costs’ like recruitment and training.

Justice Goddard’s salary and accommodation have not yet been published.

Given that the Inquiry is now seeking to hire 20 or more barristers to get the job done, we can expect these costs to rise. The figures really are astonishing given that the Inquiry has no state of the art website at this time, no running process yet for getting the investigation underway and no actual clue about what kind and quantity of materials they need. And they haven’t even started taking evidence.

What do you think? Are these costs in line with other inquiries of a similar size and history or is someone having a laugh at the nation’s expense?

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