Hello and welcome to another week.

It is expected that the Crown Prosecution Service will officially announce legal proceedings against Lord Janner today, and with that mounting pressure for Alison Saunders to resign. Saunders, who is the Director of Public Prosecutions, took the view that Lord Janner’s dementia was too severe for him to face trial.

David Perry QC, the barrister who subsequently reviewed the files and took the view that a trial should take place, is a senior figure who advises the Crown Prosecution Service and the Government’s law officers. Prior to Mr Perry’s investigations, Eleanor Laws QC, a barrister who specialises in child abuse law was tasked with looking at the evidence and also took the view there should be a trial.

Our question to you then, is this: Do you think Alison Saunders should step down from her job if legal proceedings against Lord Janner begin?