In a move which will please those concerned by the recent decision not to investigate Lord Janner and his part in the nation’s child sexual abuse scandal, it would appear that the decision will be overturned and an investigation is to get underway.

Tweeting a headline from tomorrow’s papers, Nick Sutton, editor of BBC Radio 4’s World At One headed his tweet with the news item attached, “Detail from front of Saturday’s Daily Mail Exclusive – Janner WILL face justice by @mailwright”.

The article from The Mail goes on to say that a senior barrister who has examined all of the evidence has come to the conclusion that there should be a hearing over the allegations.

Janner is accused of a series of sex offences against children, a list which appears to keep growing.

More on this story as and when we get it.

Update: as of Saturday 27th June, the CPS have yet to conclude their review of the decision not to charge Lord Janner and have not yet given a date for the completion of their own investigations. 

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