It’s that time of the year when the Voice of the Child Conference is almost upon us, and this year it takes place on July 23rd, with the theme of “Effective Participation: Make it happen – Make it better.”

Whilst we have absolutely no clue who wrote the article announcing the conference on the Cafcass website (which is a little unfortunate as they talk about themselves in the first person), the day is set to be designed so that professionals can reflect on their practice and find ways to make it better. President of the Family Division James Munby will be in attendance.

Researching Reform are champions of this conference – it is the only one around dedicated to the Voice of the Child – but now that they are in their fifth year, we need to see some measure of its impact. Tell us what changes have been made as a result of the annual meetings, how children are responding to the system and what benefits have accrued five years on from the conference’s inception.

It must surely be time.