Victims and survivors will be uniting opposite Downing Street on Saturday June 27th to urge the government to break the cycle of child abuse.

The meeting, which takes place on Richmond Terrace directly opposite Downing Street, will start at 1pm and finish at 4.30pm.

Anyone with an interest in child safety and child abuse awareness is welcome to attend. A stage and PA system will be set up on the grass of Richmond Terrace to allow survivors and guests to speak.

This rally is an ‘official’ rally and has been granted approval by the relevant councils and police. All groups, campaigners and members of the public are welcome to attend. The organisers will be updating their events page with information throughout the run-up to the rally.

Please find some more information on the event and its guest speakers below:

Karen Billingsley is a survivor of abuse. Bravely she reported the abuse and went through the court system. Her uncle was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment.

Karen has gone on to help others by setting up her own Facebook group.

Karen will be sharing her story with us and how she now helps others.

Cheryl Corless is the daughter of an Irish care survivor who put Cheryl in care where she was sexually abused.

When Cheryl tried to disclose as an adult and look for help her children were removed for forced adoption.

Cheryl will be sharing her story and how she now helps victims and survivors of CSA.

Stinson Hunter the Paedophile Hunter is speaking about the grooming of children and the escalation of online sexual activity with children. And the do’s & don’t to safeguard your children.

Twitter hashtags:  #BTCRally #childabuse

The organisers have also very kindly offered budget friendly travel suggestions:

Travel from any part of the UK to London for under £30 return with Mega bus Example – Manchester to London on 27th June ‘return.’

Many thanks to Maggie for alerting us to this rally.