In what is, to our mind, one of the cleverest and most thought-provoking photographic projects on child exploitation, Cuban photographer Erik Ravelo, and Brazilian artistic director Daniel Ferreira have put together a series of images to highlight child exploitation across the world and to raise awareness about the various attacks against children throughout the world from sexual abuse, shootings in American schools, sex tourism, war, nuclear disaster – even obesity and fast food.

Each image represents a child welfare issue:

The first image relates to pedophilia in the Vatican;

The second image focuses on child sexual abuse prevalent within tourism in Thailand;

The third photo refers to the war in Syria;

The fourth image highlights trafficking of organs on the black market, where most victims are children from poor countries;

The fifth photo relates to the readily available weapons, often for free in the U.S. and;

The sixth image highlights obesity, and the part fast food companies play in aggravating this phenomenon.

We think this project, which was produced in 2013, speaks volumes about the way children are treated around the world. And so we make this our image of the month.

The Untouchables