It won’t be long before the national media start talking about this item, but journalist Jonathan Maitland has written a play about Jimmy Savile, which aims to look at the man who would be a monster, his victims and society’s reaction to sexual abuse.

It’s an ambitious project, not least of all because the crimes committed by Savile are still so fresh in the public collective consciousness. It’s also true to say that some will no doubt call it out as an opportunistic play…

However, it’s worthy of note as an attempt at trying to understand how and why this kind of abuse can and does take place, as well as the wider issues of societal lethargy and government apathy when it comes to sexual abuse.

The play is showing at The Park Theatre, an award winning new venue located near Finsbury Park Station. The performances run from 10th June – 11th July, 2015 and star Alistair McGowan as Savile.

The brilliant online magazine, The Conversation, offers an excellent summary and critique of the play, written by Bernard Gallagher, Reader in Social Work and Applied Social Sciences at University of Huddersfield.

If you do go, please do come back and tell us what you thought, we’d love to hear from you.