On Tuesday June 23rd, survivors and victims of child sexual abuse will once again convene at the Houses of Parliament to raise awareness of the issues surrounding not only child sexual abuse but the nation’s Statutory Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse and the way senior government is responding to all of the above.

Speakers will include Michael Mansfield QC, members of the police, politicians and lead voices within care leaver and abuse survivor circles. The event will begin at 1pm and finish at 5pm.

If you wish to attend, you can book your tickets here.

Full details of the event can be found below:

WhiteFlowers “Child Abuse: Action & Justice Now” Lobby of Parliament

Speakers Include –
John Mann MP
Sarah Champion MP
Michael Mansfield QC)
Tom Lloyd (ex-Chief Constable, Cambridgeshire Police)
Nigel O’Mara (East Midlands Survivors)
Delma Hughes (co-Founder Care Leavers Association)
Muhammad Al Hussaini (Church Reform Group)
Liz Davies (whistleblower)
Georgina Halford Hall (Whistleblowers UK)
Phil Shiner (Public Interest Lawyers)
Sam Stein QC
Chris Tuck (Survivors of Abuse)
Terri Thatcher (Secondary Survivor)

& Arrange to Meet Your MP and ask them to Support Our Call To:

• Hold Members of the Establishment to Account Now
• Bring Janner to Justice Now!
• Stop Protecting the Politicians- Let the Courts Decide
• Amend Official Secrets Act to Protect Whistleblowers
• End inquiry Discrimination Against Survivors
• Ensure Survivors & Whistleblowers Have a Real Voice in the Inquiry
• Give Full Redress and Practical Support to Survivors Now
• Improve Child Protection Services: Create a national multiagency child protection investigation team

If you wish to meet your local MP before or after the meeting please see below
Draft Letter/Email to send to request a meeting with your MP to press for him to support our proposals:

Dear (your MP) …..
I intend to be at the Tuesday, June 23rd meeting in the House of Commons concerning the urgent strengthening of the government’s Child Abuse Inquiry to ensure it delivers justice for victims and survivors and actions to protect current and future generations of children.
Being one of your constituents, I request that you will be present because I would also like a private word with you regarding this matter.
The meeting, which will be addressed by MPs, abuse survivors and whistleblowers has been called by John Mann MP and the WhiteFlowers Campaign and will be in Committee Room 14 between 3pm and 5pm, and I look forward to meeting you there.
In particular, we are calling for:
• Hold members of the Establishment to account
• A parallel national Police Investigation Team delivering justice
• End Inquiry Discrimination Against Survivors
• Defend child protection services
• A government funded National Institute for People Abused in Childhood

Yours sincerely
Your Name
Your full address

Many thanks to Phil Frampton for the kind invite and for sharing the event details with us.