This evening, Channel 4 will be airing a programme about children’s behaviour which will explore whether children are born naughty or whether their mischief is down to less than adequate parenting skills.

The series will be hosted by Dr Dawn Harper, and will follow several children whose behaviour has been deemed extreme, and will attempt to uncover the underlying reasons for their conduct and offer solutions.

For what it’s worth, we don’t happen to think that children are born naughty, rather each child has his or her own temperament, which needs to be acknowledged and worked with. We also happen to think a little spirited mischief is no bad thing (we have to confess to having been a Devil Child ourselves – our parents’ words, not ours).

What do you think? Are children born naughty, or is it all just a question of understanding?

The programme starts at 8pm, and will follow children Theo and Honey.

Give ’em hell, kids. Oh my, who wrote that?

Many thanks to Dana for alerting us to the programme.