The BBC are starting to look at the child abuse inquiry with a view to examining whether it is fit for purpose as a mechanism for uncovering the truth and getting to grips with child abuse as a phenomenon.

The first installment in this series on Radio 4 was aired yesterday, and begins with David’s story (not his real name) and the difficulties with finding and collecting evidence of past abuse.

David’s story is a terrible one. He recounts being drugged and raped, and later blackmailed with compromising photos which his abusers threatened to send to his parents if he didn’t comply with their demands, and threatened with prison on false charges if he did not agree to attend further parties.

You can listen to the first episode here.

The second episode of this story was published today and is available here.

WARNING: This programme contains graphic and distressing content.

A very big thank you to Clive Baldwin for sharing this item with us.

Please note – whilst the term ‘historical abuse’ is considered ill-conceived and does not portray the day-to-day reality of child abuse, the BBC have chosen to use this phrase and so we use it, not as an endorsement of the term, but as a way of identifying the programme.