We feel a little odd writing this, but we have a news item here which we feel will make our male readers rather happy. Not because it involves the sexual abuse of males, of course, but because it is an article which highlights a double standard which effectively minimises female on male abuse. And that double standard can be found in the way we use language to describe women who have sex with boys.

The article, written by Jim Struve, a clinical social worker and co Chair of Male Survivor, starts by referring to a case in which a school teacher in America has allegedly had sex with three of her pupils, all boys. The item talks about the use of the word “relationship” when talking about this kind of abuse and how language influences our response to trauma. The piece also tells us that 1 in 4.5 males will experience some form of sexual victimization during their lifetime, and that this often occurs during childhood.

It’s an interesting read, which highlights the sometimes unconscious ways in which we describe sexual relationships.