This month for our column over at Jordans, despite the persistent radio silence from the Inquiry itself (a bad move even if they are scrabbling to mobilise), we have chosen to write about the pitfalls of Inquiry culture.

Having already hosted many inquiries for child abuse matters in the past, the UK is in danger of producing yet another expensive non starter when it comes to our children’s safety. So what can the Inquiry do to make a difference and will it be able to offer a unique approach to solving child sexual abuse and alter our embarrassing track record in stopping it?

We offer a couple of ideas on how the Inquiry might be able to change the course of history, for the better, and blaze a trail in child welfare.

You can grab our article here.

Note: There is a typo in the article as printed this month. “This would not create confidence in the Inquiry, but would allow the Inquiry”, should read “This would not only create….”