Some of our most vulnerable children are in care today, their voice often drowned out by other competing interests inside the system, so a recent call backed by children’s charities and support groups on our government leaders to pledge their support for these children during the Leaders’ Debate broadcast on 2nd April is a great idea.

You can read the Open Letter to our senior politicians here, which calls on the country’s leaders to tell the nation on 2nd April what they will do for children in care. Sadly, if pledges are made during the broadcast there is no way of enforcing them, but at least our politicians will be aware of what is important to the public moving forward. And we will all be watching them.

So how can we get involved? Children England, who have spear-headed this invitation to our leaders through their Children at Heart campaign, have also created a petition, which you can sign. The petition asks our leaders to discuss children in care live on 2nd April and to pledge support for those 68,000 children in care.

If you feel every child should be loved and given the support they need to flourish, please consider signing this petition, and let’s see if we can get the numbers rolling!

A big thank you to Children in England CEO Kathy Evans for sharing this petition with us.