Stemming from a former Australian Prime Minister’s heartfelt apology to Australian women who lost their children in the 50’s and 60’s to forced adoption (all for the crime of being unmarried), a movement in the UK to see our government does the same is now underway.

After hearing Julian Gillard’s now famous apology to the nation for taking babies away from mothers in Australia solely because they were single, Veronica Smith, a retired nurse who also lost her child to forced adoption in the 60’s in Britain decided to set up the MAA, or Movement for an Adoption Apology. There is a movement already in Australia, called the National Apology for Forced Adoptions (which celebrated its two-year anniversary last week), but none at present for women who lost their children at the hands of British forced adoption policy during that period.

For the 500,000 women in Britain who lost their children in this way during a period which spanned almost four decades, Veronica says that an apology would help to make amends for the terrible stigma and trauma these mothers endured. We happen to think it would also pave the way for a greater understanding of the flaws in Britain’s modern-day forced adoption practice, which is carried out today by only one other EU country.

Thank you to Dana for alerting us to this news story.