Having just come across this wonderful initiative from Children England, which essentially offers people passionate about child welfare a space to discuss issues surrounding children’s rights and the way children are treated, we felt we should share it with you.

Children At Heart is a project designed to incorporate child welfare messages through online and offline platforms, like social media, and existing campaigns on the ground focusing on child wellbeing.

Created by Children England, an organisation which supports children’s charities, you are invited to tweet and chat about children’s issues that you feel are being neglected, and call on the government to place children at the heart of policy and legislation affecting them. The campaign comes complete with a pledge card you can ask your local MP to fill in. We’ve filled our card out and added it below:


As part of this project, Children England are hosting Twitter debates every week on a different child welfare related topics. This week, the theme is Justice.

You are also invited to use the hashtag #ChildrenAtHeart, any time you want to tweet about children’s issues and your views on them. There is also a lovely heart badge you can use, either as a logo on your website (we’ve added one to our side bar with a link to the campaign, and we’ve photoshopped our Twitter banner to add it in!) or on your Twitter banner or as your avatar. You can also add it to any leaflets or brochures you’re publishing on child welfare campaigns you’re working on. If you’d like the heart badge, please feel free to use the one we’ve added below (simply click and save, and you can upload it anywhere).

We think this is a lovely campaign, with a beautiful and powerful message. So why not spread the love, and urge the government to put children at its heart, too.