It has been confirmed today that Home Secretary Theresa May has written to the Chair of the nation’s child abuse inquiry Justice Goddard to ask her to look into securing immunity for police officers wanting to come forward with evidence.

This news comes after more revelations about a VIP paedophile ring have emerged, which claim that Scotland Yard were complicit in covering up child sexual abuse because it involved senior politicians and police officers.

Mrs May told the Home Affairs Select Committee that she had written to the new chair of the child abuse inquiry asking her to pursue potential immunity under the secrecy laws. She has asked Justice Lowell Goddard to contact the Attorney General, the Government’s senior law officer, to look into whether immunity guarantees could be offered.

At the moment, the Home Secretary is only asking Chair Goddard to look into immunity for police officers in relation to possible conflicts with the Official Secrets Act. Will this pave the way for other groups to seek immunity? And will the Inquiry be mindful of the delicate balance to be had in relation to those who might seek out immunity for the protection it offers against those who wish to see justice done? Only time will tell.

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