As the nation’s Statutory Inquiry into Child Abuse is likely to cover much ground, both in terms of news coverage and no doubt, controversy, we thought it might be helpful to house these materials on our site in a dedicated page to all things Inquiry.

We have added the Inquiry’s website details, Home Affairs Committee reports, Early Day Motions on the Inquiry, updates, news items and discussions for you to access and read, along with information we think the Inquiry should be paying attention to.

As things come in, we will keep updating the page, but in the meantime if you think we’ve left anything out, please let us know and we’ll make sure it’s added.

Much has happened since the Inquiry’s inception last year, so we have purposely chosen not to overload the Library with too many items on the initial phase of the Inquiry. If you would like to access those items, you can do so by by typing “Child Abuse Inquiry” into the search box, or clicking on “Child Abuse Inquiry” in our category index on the left hand column of the blog. Alternatively, you can access all materials we’ve gathered on the Inquiry here. 

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