There are always important causes worthy of attention, but on this Red Nose Day, we are not only choosing to support Comic Relief’s humanitarian efforts around the world, but the ethos behind the campaign too.

That’s why we’re posting these petitions, both of which we’ve signed. The first petition is about a little boy and his mummy who have been deported to Nigeria. They are not familiar with the country and have no connections or means of survival there. Both mother and child are vulnerable. Their removal from the UK has been contested and this is the latest update on the matter as of yesterday:

“The Initial Hearing is due for next week in London. The Children’s Commission is involved as an interested party and have secured lawyers to support Rafeeq and Bola’s case to return to the United Kingdom. More information about their next steps should be available after this hearing.
In the meantime Rafeeq continues to attend school. Bola has been told about the case next week, initially she was excited but more recently has reported feeling worried. A small parcel has been sent out which should be arriving at the beginning of the week. It contains treats and clothes for Rafeeq and it will hopefully give him a surprise.
Bola and Rafeeq thank everyone who has been involved in fundraising to help to support them. There has recently been a tombola and cake sale that raised £365 and the school that Rafeeq attended are holding a disco at the beginning of the week. It really helps their morale to know that they are still thought about and that so many people care.”

The second petition takes its cue from an independent review in Norfolk by Ofstead, which is looking at claims that foster carers have had their children taken from them purely through allegations made by social workers, rather than solid evidence. This petition then seeks an independent review for biological parents who have experienced the same.

So why not go Cause Crazy this freaky Friday 13th, and show your love for good causes by picking and clicking on your favourite petitions today?