Four months seems like a lifetime away in the world of politics and more so for the nation’s Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse which has yet to get started, but it was only four months ago that our Prime Minister insinuated that a Westminster paedophile ring was nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

You have to wonder at the motivation for that. One can understand taking a view on something if you’re holding definitive proof that your statement is accurate. But in this exchange, which saw David Cameron telling a survivor in person that he was essentially lying about there being a VIP paedophile ring by virtue of the fact that no cover up for such a ring has yet been established, it’s not hard to imagine that the Prime Minister’s knee jerk response could have been fuelled by political ambition. Especially if there’s a chance that a ring might include Conservative politicians. After all, there are contradictions in the corridors of power on this issue, not least of all Theresa May’s own admission that there may have been a cover up in the investigation into the ring.

That no one has yet thought to connect the now infamous Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) with the possibility of a thriving Westminster-based paedophile ring seems like a rather large oversight, both by government and the national media. But the more you delve into this sordid movement, the more obvious the connection becomes.

PIE was established in 1974, by Michael Hanson, and although he was based in Scotland, he found himself having to move the group down to England because the vast majority of those interested in joining were there. So, in 1975, PIE relocated to London, its dubious aim, “to alleviate [the] suffering of many adults and children” by campaigning to abolish the age of consent thus legalising sex between adults and children.

The movement was taken seriously and no one at the time questioned its agenda. It attracted high-profile individuals who believed that PIE was a liberated and forward-thinking organisation. Its supporters included Harriet Harman, and one of its members was the now deceased Sir Peter Hayman – the man who has since been identified as the subject of a newly found document relating to child abuse. A document which the government refused to release, and which refers to “unnatural sexual proclivities”.

Hayman was never prosecuted, some say due to his connections with MI6. This failure was widely documented and later established as a cover up. Although PIE was shut down in 1984, dogged by several controversial incidents including allegations of rape relating to PIE’s treasurer, Charles Napier and other members being charged with child pornography related offences, and incitement to promote indecent acts between adults and children, very little is known about what happened to its members after the group’s dissolution.

Fast forward to 1993, and more news items on the suspicious deaths of whistleblowers who claimed to have been victims of a high-profile paedophile ring in the 1970’s and the 1980s. These tragic stories are, sadly, followed by yet more controversy, as claims of a complex web of child abuse emerges, and appears to involve yet more politicians and peers during the ’70s and 80’s. That these events within this time period match exactly with PIE’s own timeline, could be more than just a passing coincidence.

News of children being murdered during paedophillic orgies involving senior politicians have also surfaced in the last few months.  But this time, the allegations stem from the 1990’s – shortly after PIE was disbanded, and its members found themselves without a spiritual home. Did they seek solace in their perversions under a different organisation, or did they simply gather in informal groups and carry out despicable acts much like this one? It is hard to believe that paedophiles would simply vanish into thin air, just as their monstrous alma mater did.

So where did they go, and whom are they abusing now? These are questions which our Prime Minister may well know the answer to, and which may be set at least in part, inside the newly discovered historical files on child abuse, which the Cabinet Office is holding so close to its chest. At the heart of the request to reveal just the titles of these files, lies a family whose son went missing in 1979 – at the time PIE was still very much alive and kicking. Martin Allen’s family have been left devastated by the government’s refusal to share the names of these files.

The government has promised to release the documents to the relevant inquiries, but can we trust our officials to hand those materials over in the same condition they found them? That is the concern for many, who fear that the Prime Minister may be seeking to avoid revelations about politicians being aired in public and which may damage his party’s chances of re-election.

And that is why the nation’s Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse must delve into the heart of this vile organisation and probe its history, its legacy and the subsequent movements of PIE’s members after the organisation closed its doors, not only in order to establish the extent of any connection between PIE’s members and the allegations surrounding a VIP paedophile ring, but also to ascertain whether or not our Cabinet is suffering from a conflict of interest which may be preventing the Inquiry from carrying out its job.

We very much hope Inquiry Chair, panel and counsel will have the stomach for such an onerous task – and the courage to demand the truth, wherever it lies.