Researching Reform have been fans of the Family Drug And Alcohol Court (FDAC) since Nick Crichton showed us the blue prints long before their implementation in the UK and we are delighted to see that the court is now being extended to other parts of the country.

With a proven track record for helping families with drug and alcohol addiction, most crucially beyond the process so that many families remain sober and drug free, its therapeutic approach to substance abuse and its child friendly ethos make it a positive and pioneering addition to the family justice system.

New locations for the court include East Sussex, Kent and Medway, Plymouth, Torbay and Exeter, and West Yorkshire.

Originally a US export, FDAC was so successful overseas that when Nick Crichton, who at the time was the only full time family law judge in England saw the blue prints for the project he knew he was looking at something special. Implementing the court here though, has been an uphill struggle. With the government offering only meagre funding to start with and bullishly ignoring the startling results of the court, Nick found himself having to push for a number of years to get the court’s benefits, and the need for its nationwide implementation recognised.

That day has arrived and we are thrilled for Nick and FDAC, and the many more families who will be able to access this most humane and effective resource, which promises to keep more families together in the future.