It’s no secret that at Researching Reform we would like to see the end of male and female genital mutilation for non therapeutic purposes, so it’s with pleasure that we share a conference taking place in May which seeks to highlight the myths and double standards surrounding circumcision. 

The conference is being hosted by advocacy organisation Genital Autonomy, which works to end the use of non-therapeutic genital surgery on children whether male, female or intersex. Their work is rooted in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and supports the Helsinki Declaration 2012,  which seeks to establish the Right of Genital Autonomy as a fundamental right. That right defines every human being’s entitlement to personal control of their own genital and reproductive organs.

Set to take place from 6th-9th may this year, the conference, which will be held in Frankfurt, will look at the culture, myths and rights surrounding genital cutting and will include speakers from legal and medical backgrounds as well as ethics and human rights councils.

We would like to thank the Chief Officer of Genital Autonomy David Smith for alerting us to this conference.