Child Abuse Inquiry Plays Musical Chairs As Mansfield QC Is Left Standing – But Is Baroness Hale Sitting Pretty?

Michael Mansfield QC, it has emerged, has stepped down from the running, despite voicing his willingness to take the position of Chair for the nation’s Child Abuse Inquiry, more than once in the last few months. He has cited prior obligations as a possible barrier to taking on the role, but everyone knows barristers are more than able to check with their clerks at any time to see what their availability might be before they make grandiose statements. Could Mansfield, lauded by the media and fans alike as a radical and a reformist, have decided that the task of Chair might be less preferable, and more poisoned chalice?
The latest revelation that the Home Office coached independent experts on the Inquiry panel could not be helping to lure potential chairs to the table, and many candidates are perhaps weighing up the benefits of taking on such a challenge against the possibly devastating impact it may have on their careers and their kudos. If that’s the case, good riddance we say to the wimpish and the wanting, only the brave need apply.

Survivors may well be very disappointed by this news, but more contenders seem to have surfaced. There is now talk that Baroness Hale could be headed for the job. The call for Lady Hale to take up the position has come directly from survivors, but there are concerns over whether the only female judge at the Supreme Court could take what would amount to around 5 years off to lead the Inquiry. There are also documented concerns about judges leading inquiries of this nature generally, with some viewing the appointment of a judge as nothing short of allowing the executive to control what should be an otherwise independent inquiry.

Theresa May is expected to confirm the new Chair this week, as well as the structure the Inquiry is to operate in – either giving it Statutory Status or looking at other models as a vehicle for looking into child abuse in the UK, both historic and current.

It seems the UK is languishing far behind in this respect. Child Abuse Inquiries are heavily underway in other parts of the world including Australia, where a Royal Commission has been set up to investigate these crimes. Given that the UK seem to take Australia’s lead in most reformation projects relating to family policy, it would not be surprising if May decides a Royal Commission is right for the UK.

That said, it won’t be long now before we know what the Home Secretary has in store for the Inquiry and those survivors who have waited over 200 days for some sign that the government is taking child abuse seriously. Watch this space.

Baroness Hale

15 thoughts on “Child Abuse Inquiry Plays Musical Chairs As Mansfield QC Is Left Standing – But Is Baroness Hale Sitting Pretty?”

  1. I an surprised that Gareth Pierce seems not to have been mentioned.


  2. I wrote a detalied case that included police, social services and judiciary as the criminal to this inquiry group. They wrote a reply saying that they could not invedtigate the police, could not investigate the judiciary and made absolutely no mention in the reply about social services.
    You can have a copy.

    So, who and what are they investigating ?


  3. Jonathan James said:

    “some viewing the appointment of a judge as nothing short of allowing the executive to control what should be an otherwise independent inquiry.” Judges are not members of the executive. In fact, they have what politicians regard as a very annoying habit of allowing judicial reviews and overturning political decisions as a result. If no one is going to be sufficiently independent to chair this enquiry, we may as well give up on it altogether.


  4. Angry Grandparent II said:

    I feel sorry for the victims, I am one myself but haven’t come forward simply as my memory is so bad I would be torn to pieces in the court trying to remember back nigh on 45 years and just what could I tell them? Some people in KCC homes touched me inappropriately and made me and others do dodgy stuff, I know no names apart from an Aussie workers nickname at one place and only very blurry images in my mind of faces as non compliance was not tolerated and beatings occurred and likely the people that did it are most prob dead, no justice here it would seem.

    Last week, the news ran a story of a Thatcher aide who worked for the security services, was a High Commissioner and very involved member of PIE and yet he didn’t ever get his collar felt, what justice can we expect when its found out that the civil service knew all about his little “ways” but at no point was the public warned.

    He was also a very very senior freemason.

    And it is that closed network, that secretive society, that its members swear an oath on pain of death to protect all brethren from the law for all crimes except murder, a sect based on ritualistic perversions performed on innocent men, women and children, we should be in tandem to any enquiry force a secondary exposure of freemasonic corruption and criminal activity of those caught in the target sights of any enquiry and force open once and for all the method and operation of how these people work. One has to beg the question in that why is this organisation allowed to force its members to defy the very law of the land? Why are they allowed to keep secret their memberships in councils etc etc when so much corruption is abound in state organisations, fuelled and serviced by their grubby little minions.

    Thomas Hamilton, the man who slew many innocents and was alleged to have been a “placer” for paedophile rings who organised children to be trafficked for abuse, was linked to people in the UN, NATO, the British government and civil service and whose files have been locked for 130 years was a very active freemason and I suspect if we saw his files, untampered or redacted we would gain many, many answers to how it all works and how they purvey their evil onto innocent ones.

    Who protects Ian Huntley in prison? Who put him under the protection of Wakefields “daddy” and allowed things like DVD players and discs of indecent images of children to be smuggled into that prison? Who protected him before he was caught? We are seeing snapshots and glimpses of a very very organised system that is at work in most parts of the UK and it is no surprise that social services having depleted many working class areas of “soft” targets are now pulling middle class families into their nets to service this vast racket, and we like good little sheep just allow it to happen because they hold all the cards and we are powerless to stop them.


  5. It’s a real shame that people can’t be galvanised en mass to protest on the streets but maybe the best way is to vote them out and vote in those who want to keep families together!

    We all know corruption is at the very top of government and the judiciary! You know what they say, Big fleas have little fleas! That’s why it continues. A bit of blackmail here and there to get others bidding done and scratching of each others backs and on it goes! It’s good that it’s being exposed but would anyone have thought it was on such a huge scale!

    Families are hoodwinked into believing justice exists and are devastated when they find it was all a myth!


    • Do you know what Dana, sometimes I wonder how on Earth we will ever stop the unethical and corrupt. My son very sweetly presented me with a chocolate frog today which he got from the Harry Potter experience in London. I suddenly remembered I’d written a post on these chocolates after it was discovered that Warner Bros were possibly using child labour in Ghana and other places to make them. You just can’t escape the pain and suffering. More reason then, I suppose, to turn one’s back on established norms and carve out new ones.


  6. Hi Natasha, Absolutely!

    Most people are unaware of the realities of such corruption until something happens that focuses your attention on it. After a period of disbelief, you either ignore it or try to change it, depending on how you feel about it. I feel if something is innately wrong it needs to be put right. I am thankful others feel the same and as more people become aware of those wrongs, more join the ranks of those trying to bring about changes. Most people are innately good, you only have to see heartwarming stories like the disabled man that was recently mugged and how he was helped by a good Samaritan that galvanised others to help, to see that.


  7. Hi Natasha, just had a idea that you might like to include on your forum.

    To create a dedicated spot to list all those eminent people who work or have worked within the system that have spoken out in condemnation of what is happening under the guise of child protection.

    It would be a roll call of those, internationally and nationally, who recognise the systems wrongs and speak out to try and put them right by drawing attention to them.

    It would remind us there are people who think the same as we do and are trying to change the system.

    It would inspire us to continue to speak out when we feel we are going nowhere and no one is listening.

    Just a thought.


  8. Hi Natasha, your twitter flicker from Community Care about social media made me laugh. Martin Narey writing his own reports rather than an inquiry!

    What wasn’t mentioned is the fear social workers have about social media. Pandora box has been opened and they are fiercely trying to contain it!


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