Welcome to Christmas week, and in the spirit of goodwill to all men, and munchkins everywhere, our question this week is in fact not a question, but a petition….

It has come to our attention that the production of Warner Bros Harry Potter chocolates was recently given an ‘F’ in human rights.  Consumers grew concerned about this and asked the company to assure them that the production of these chocolates did not involve child labour. Warner Bros have systematically refused to respond, stating only that they are satisfied their chocolates are being produced through fair labour practices. And yet, WB still refuse to divulge the source of their cocoa.

Child labour and slavery in the chocolate trade is an enormous problem, and since the exposure of the practice, companies have become more secretive than ever, making it extremely difficult for reporters to access farms where these violations take place, and report them.

If child slavery bothers you as much as it does us, then please consider signing this petition, or if you’re feeling really active and spritely, go on over to the Warner Bros Facebook page and post the following message on their wall:

The gift I’m waiting for from Warner Bros. this Christmas? Real action to ensure their chocolates are free of child slavery.

Another year has passed and Warner Bros. still hasn’t committed to a public and independent audit of its cocoa supply chain.

As a family-oriented company, Warner Bros. needs to demonstrate concern for children everywhere and protect them from modern slavery.

Or this message, which is equally powerful:

I am shocked to learn that Warner Bros. has still not committed to a public and independent audit of its cocoa supply chain.

Abdul was trafficked to the Ivory Coast to harvest cocoa when he was just seven years old. Will Warner Bros. take meaningful action to help children like him and ensure their supply chain is free of child labour?

Around 200,000 children harvest cocoa in the Ivory Coast. Warner Bros. urgently needs to ensure its cocoa supply chain is free from child slavery, by committing to a public and independent audit.

If we don’t question the practices of big business, who will? Merry Christmas, to one and all….

A big thank you to Dana for alerting us to this campaign.