If you are an organisation helping victims of child sexual abuse and finding that demand for your support has increased since the start of the government’s inquiry into child abuse, then you are entitled to get financial help from the government.

That’s what the Home Office’s and the Ministry of Justice’s latest news item tells us, as they launch a £2 million fund to help those organisations whose workload have been directly affected by the Inquiry.

A further £1.5 million will be made available to those organisations who may not have been directly affected by the Inquiry, but who provide support to victims of child sexual abuse all the same.

And another £1.5 million has been set aside for organisations supporting victims of sexual abuse.

As well as the above sums, £2.15m will be given to 84 existing Female Rape Support Centres on top of current Ministry of Justice funding. This has been done with a view to offering specialised support.