Those of you who know our blog will know that we are mad about children here at Researching Reform, and nothing speaks to us like the plight of vulnerable children, wherever they might be.

So, when we received an email from our favourite children’s charity Kids Company asking for any help we could offer to support their Christmas initiative, we hoped we could enlist our army of superheroes, that’s you, to get involved. Their project this Christmas runs something like this:

Kids Company are having a Christmas party for 4,000 destitute children. These children often dread Christmas, and some attempt suicide at this time of year. They feel alone and unseen, and are in desperate need of a hot meal, and hugs. Lots and lots of them. (That’s hugs and kids)!

Many of these children have been sexually, physically or emotionally abused, and many do not have loving families to share Christmas with, or presents to open. Kids Company want to give these children a wonderful Christmas, filled with good food, gifts and we hope lots of love and affection.

Kids Company is also a sanctuary for neglected children at this time of the year and need help to raise funds not just for their Christmas party but for emergency child protection, mental health and food cover. As well as the 4,000 children they will be welcoming to their office, they will need to send food out to another 12,000. Yes, that’s an extra 12,000 little bodies that need to be fed and nourished.

Of course this is a tough time of year to give to every plea for help, but if you’ve found our site useful to you in some way throughout the year, or we’ve assisted you in some way, or perhaps you’ve just found our posts thought-provoking and feel they’re for the greater good, all we ask is that you might consider giving a little something to Kids Company, just as a nod to making the world a better place and to giving our poorest children something to look forward to this Christmas.

If you feel you can, just click on this link to make your way over to their Crowdfunder Page – just a fiver can make all the difference, and there are even nifty prizes to be won if you donate!

The money you raise will not only help children and young people but it will also go to supporting vulnerable adults too, making this endeavour a truly wonderful one.

Please give if you can. It would mean the world to us, and to the children your donation will support.

Thank You xxxxxxxxxxxxx