Serial is a series of podcasts which features one non fiction story a week, and was produced by the people who brought you This American Life.

The audio series’ first story explores the disappearance of a teenage girl in America in the 1990’s and the subsequent arrest, charge and imprisonment of her boyfriend who maintained throughout that he was innocent.

We first heard about Serial last night when a friend told us about it; they also explained that the production was quietly taking the internet by storm, with hoards of people hooked on it already, so given that it was child welfare related we felt we had to check it out, too. That, and the fact that it also raises interesting ethical questions about the nature of entertainment in the 21st century.

Although we haven’t listened to the first episode yet, shunning our burning curiosity for the time being to bring you the news first, we already like the format for this programme. Not only does it offer up the episodes themselves, but it also gives you blog posts filled with actual evidence collected from the case, as well as timelines and even information on the musical scores used.

We’re going off to listen to the first episode now. Catch us on Twitter if you’d like to hear our verdict…