Tonight, at 9pm, Channel 4 will be airing a programme which will no doubt cause an emotive reaction, because this documentary about paedophiles includes a lengthy interview with a man who is sexually attracted to girls who are as young as four.

The NSPCC are supporting this programme, which is designed to look at the issues involved in paedophilia from the current law surrounding it, to the treatment options involved and calls for the system to modernise so that effective and up to date solutions for paedophilia can be implemented nationwide. The proposals in the programme are, Channel 4’s website tells us, radical and controversial.

The programme also includes an interview with Ian McFadyen, who was abused by a school teacher as a boy. McFadyen feels that the documentary may upset child abuse victims, but that it is a necessary step forward in addressing paedophilia.

According to the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases, paedophilia is a mental illness. Although success rates for treatment of this illness are not widely known (and usually discussed as temporary success at best), there are centres in England which offer help. 

Looking to radical solutions, a child sex robot has even been considered as an option.

Given that this is such a big problem, and an important issue that should be treated with a sense or urgency, we would very much like to see more funds focused on finding the causes of and treatment for paedophilia. Until we do, we will never be able to effectively protect our children from abuse.

Many thanks to Dana for alerting us to this programme.