Promoted on Facebook this afternoon (so hot off the press), is this video short about a woman who was sexually abused by (we presume) her father, and who goes on to have a baby. She finally snaps after years of domestic violence, and if you don’t wish to know what happens next, don’t read on, just watch the film below.

If you do want the spoiler, the woman goes on to kill her abuser with a frying pan, and smothers her baby.

The video has been written and produced by an actor and doesn’t appear to be linked to any DV charity or organisation, but is rather just an attempt at portraying a complex and painful life scenario. Whilst the acting is a good effort, it doesn’t rock our world, and the narrative too long and not as powerful as it could be, the theme is worthy of attention, as any item which highlights domestic abuse should be.

For those of you who will, we know, feel aggrieved that there is yet another video, or news item, or charity supporting women and children of domestic violence and not one supporting men, may we just say this: take it up with the charities out there who are supposed to be highlighting violence against men in that context. The responsibility falls on their shoulders.