The Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse led by Fiona Woolf now has its panel members.

In a press release yesterday, Theresa May announced that the following individuals would head up the panel. They are:

Sharon Evans, (Ex journo, and Chief Exec of Dot.Com a children’s charity which provides safeguarding mechanisms for vulnerable children. She is also a survivor of sexual abuse)

Ivor Frank, (Barrister who experienced the care system as a child)

Dame Moira Gibb, (social work expert)

Professor Jenny Pearce OBE, (lecturer and researcher who specialises in research relating to sexual exploitation)

Dru Sharpling CBE (trained as a barrister, now working for HMIC to help improve the criminal justice system response to vulnerable  people)

Professor Terence Stephenson, (specialist in paediatrics and Chair of the GMC)

Graham Wilmer MBE, (founder of the Lantern Project and survivor of child sexual abuse)

Barbara Hearn OBE, (Past Deputy CEO of National Children’s Bureau)

Ben Emmerson QC as counsel to the inquiry and

Professor Alexis Jay OBE as their expert adviser.

Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf