Award winning director Harry Singer has made a documentary for the BBC on the Baby P case. He felt that whilst a lot of attention was focused on the social workers involved in the tragedy, very little focus was placed upon other organisations involved who were also exposed to the signs and symptoms of Peter’s awful abuse, and who were also in a position to protect him from it.

The film offers a timeline of events and interviews with people including Sharon Shoesmith, Ed Balls, the social workers involved and the medical staff who saw Peter, too.

Singer told the BBC: “When I realised that Peter Connelly’s tragic death wasn’t uncommon – a child dies once every ten days at the hand of a parent in this country – I realised that the extraordinary reaction to his death might tell us something really fundamental about our society, the media, politics and about us. When I discovered that there were other professionals besides the social workers and the doctor who may also have been in a position to save him, I found myself wondering – did we really get the full story about this little boy’s death and if not, why not?”

This 90 minute film will be aired on 27th October, at 8.30pm on BBC1.