Jordans tells us that James Munby, The President of the Family Division has today announced that the presumption of parental involvement will come into force on 22nd October, this year. 

It will be inserted into the Children and Families Act 2014, at S.11.

The presumption in this context will not amount to an automatic right to 50/50 shared parenting, but an acknowledgement that the starting point focuses on the idea that all parents should be involved in their child’s life where possible.

This is unlikely to please father’s rights groups, but there it is. Do we think parental involvement as a notion is good? Yes. Do we think this subsection is a pointless addition to keep drafters busy and parents’ rights movements happy? Yes. But do we think a presumption in law is a good idea? Given the way the system cronks along, that would be a big no.

Odds on S.11 becomes the next contender after legal aid cuts to slow the process down even further.

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