What happens when fashion and female safety combine? It might sound like a funny headline, but if this nail polish company can pull this product off (no icky nail pun intended – ok, maybe a little), then this new invention may just revolutionise 21st century socialising.

Undercover Color was started by four undergraduate students at North Carolina State university. The men are working on creating a new nail polish that will be able to detect the presence of date rape drugs like Rohypnol and GHB in your drink.

The idea is simple: slick on the nail polish before you go out and once you’re at a party or function and you’ve got a glass in hand, just stir your drink with your finger. If your nail polish changes colour, your drink’s been spiked.

Whilst the idea is still in the R&D phase, their fundraising efforts have been rather successful. They’ve just managed to hire a new chemist to come on board.

You can check out their Facebook page where you can find updates and more on their research. Undercover Color want to end sexual assault by empowering women to ensure their safety in a discreet and effective way. And there’s no reason this product can’t empower men too – perhaps a clear varnish for the boys, or colours for the more adventurous?

Nail polish and protection against assault – an unlikely duo, but a fabulous one.