You may take the view that our posting about the Persian celebration of Mehregan is just an excuse to share some music we made for you (and introduce you to the coolest site on the planet for doing so), but you’d be wrong (well, only a little bit wrong).

For, you see, we feel very strongly that love should be much more prevalent inside the family justice system. We would like to hear more children in care say that their carers love them, that they feel loved and that they feel they can love in turn, when the time is right. We would like to hear social workers saying that they love their job, their work environment, and their employers. We want to hear lawyers say they’re mad about their work, in love with the tools they have to protect the vulnerable men, women and children who come before them and passionate about justice – and that it exists and they believe in it.

For all the talk that says love is an intangible, a synthetic construct at worst and at best a survival mechanism, we would challenge you to take a good look around. The things we prize the most stem from love – family, care, protection, and, of course, love itself.

What is Love Day, or Mehregan, we hear you say? Well, Mehregan Day is the celebration of Love in the Iranian culture, a celebration of all that’s good and true in each of us and those we love and care for. The day is rooted in Iranian history and was celebrated Thousands of years before Valentine’s day. Today, Persians all over the world celebrate the beauty and power of love and its place in the universe.

So go on, enjoy yourself today, find something or someone to love – buy a colleague a cuppa, tell a stranger in the street they’re beautiful, email that long lost friend or relative you wish you were still in touch with. It’s all in your reach – happy Love Day!

Many thanks to the lovely Mehrnaz Allawi for sharing information on this day and to the super talented Jon Harman for introducing us to the genius music site, Stayed Up All Night.

Click on the photo to access our special Love Day Mixed Tape, just for you….