Hello and welcome to another misty Monday. As the cogs inside the system slowly come back to life, more concerns seem to emerge daily about the way it is run, and this morning is no exception.

Although the topic of information sharing inside the child welfare sector is not a new one, The Guardian ran a story yesterday focusing on the extent of information foster carers are given about the children they are looking after. 

The article tells us a survey found that only 23% of foster carers ever received the full details surrounding their child’s background, with the rest having to address what are often serious behavioural difficulties “as and when they crop up”.

The Fostering Network, the charity who carried out the survey, also went on to say that there was evidence to suggest that  information was sometimes withheld by local authorities in an attempt to ensure that a child with a difficult background found a home.

Our question to you then, is this: do you think this is a well meaning but misguided policy or should foster parents be able to address a child’s emotional difficulties without being privy to his or her background?