We like to see things through here are Researching Reform, so not one to flit with the news as and when it goes out of fashion, we have an update for you on Ashya King, whose case, we feel, should not be forgotten for quite some time.

And this time, the news, quiet though it may be, is good. The wardship order was lifted upon the Kings arriving at the hospital in Prague (a hearing on Friday set down the terms – big thank you to lovely barrister, Alison Burge for letting us know).

The pioneering treatment that Ashya will receive in Prague at the clinic will, experts say, give Ashya a 70% chance of survival. It is worth mentioning that the hospital in the UK shut down the Kings when they suggested finding this kind of treatment, and that this action may well be grounds for their impending case against the hospital. The hospital in Southampton told the Kings that the proton beam treatment was ineffective and offered them two stark alternatives: prolonging Ashya’s life for a short period or turning him into what his father felt would be ‘a vegetable’.

The treatment is estimated to cost around £70,000 and although the Kings have received an incredible amount of support through donations both by charities and private individuals, they are also selling their home in Malaga in order to be able to meet the costs.

At the moment Ashya’s condition appears to be stable, with news that the cancer does not appear to have returned. The family now await the results of a spinal tap to see if there might be any residual cancer present in Ashya’s fluid. The outcome though, looks good.

We wish Ashya and his family well during the treatment process and hope that the little guy makes a full, and speedy recovery.