Although we’ve written extensively on the evolution of McKenzie Friends inside the justice system (you can catch our posts on the matter here), it seems there is yet more debate to be had.

McKenzie Friends assist people who cannot afford conventional legal representation whilst they are dealing with legal matters. They are usually lay men and women who have been through the courts themselves, often representing themselves in their own cases, and feel strongly that others should not have to do the same. Many McKenzies don’t charge for their assistance. Some however, do. Knowing which McKenzie Friends are up to the job and which won’t take advantage of you can be difficult.

Off the back of the Legal Services Consumer Panel Report which suggests that McKenzies should be regulated, it seems the BBC have stepped in to offer the Panel some help by way of market research.

The BBC would like to know if you’ve ever used a McKenzie Friend, or you are a member of a McKenzie organisation. 

If you’ve ever used a McKenzie do think about getting in touch.

The BBC’s Legal Affairs Correspondent Clive Coleman would like to hear your views.