It’s almost over. Ashya will be reunited with his parents shortly and the CPS has now rescinded the arrest warrant.

Having been held in custody in what is one of the most notorious prisons in Spain, where terrorists are detained, and having not been given any updates about their sick child for three days (Mrs King cried for the majority of her time in prison), the Kings are now free.

Whilst the police and the hospital remain adamant they did the right thing, The Kings will now be suing them both for criminal slander and false imprisonment. And Researching Reform is right behind them.

Authorities have conceded that the Kings had taken steps to safeguard Ashya’s health such as providing him with specialist food and charging his feeding pump using the car battery. Officials have now admitted that Ashya’s life was not in immediate danger, a glaring turnaround post the hospital’s insistence that it was.

For its part, the hospital now seems to have backed down, too. They say that Ashya could now have the proton treatment.

As far as we’re concerned, without full apologies these confessions are of no use to anyone. More than this, these small offerings are far too little, too late.

Sue the bastards. We wish you every success.