A petition started by Ethan Dallas, a friend of the Kings to reunite Ashya with his mother and father has so far garnered over 69,000 signatures (including our own), such is the palpable feeling of an entire nation (and beyond) on the issue.

It is an elegant and eloquent petition. Ethan does not blame the police or the hospital for their actions. He does not address the technicalities behind the arrest warrant (these things after all, cannot just be waved aside – there is a complex and fiddly procedure to them). He is simply petitioning to ensure that Ashya is reunited with his parents during what must be a frightening and lonely experience for a five-year old boy – being in a foreign land, in hospital, without his mummy and daddy.

That has of course been our central concern here at Researching Reform, but unlike the poised and graceful wording of the petition which asks our Prime Minister to help this family, we have our own, much more pointed message for Mr Cameron:

What if this was one of your children?

We very much hope the PM will do the right thing.

Please do sign this petition if you can. They only need a little over 5,000 signatures. Come on guys, let’s help this little boy.

Ashya with his brother.