George Hibbert, the psychiatrist who came under fire from colleagues, parents and the media for his questionable practice inside the Family Court, appears to be struggling to become joined as a party to proceedings involving a mother whom he saw at his practice, and who subsequently filed a complaint about his conduct.

The application to be joined as a party to the proceedings is highly irregular and caused concern among the legal and blogging community. The reasons Hibbert gave for doing so was that he needed documentation for complaints he was pursuing against professionals who had spoken out about his own professional conduct. But no one could work out why an application to do that was needed, when other more conventional avenues appeared to be in place.

And it now looks as if the request to be joined as an intervener is being strongly opposed by all parties to the case, including the Guardian and the Local Authority involved. Hibbert has since shut down his practice and voluntarily removed his name from the medical register.

Sources tell us that the request will now be interwoven within a case management order and that the President of the Family Division may shortly take over the case.