This month’s featured image is a painting by contemporary artist Albina Kourmirova, entitled “Glorious March of Authorities”. Albina is an accomplished painter who has showcased her work and lectured widely on contemporary art. Albina’s work focuses on the impact the UK family justice system has on families and specifically children, by exploring the themes of power, corruption and compassion within child social care.

Her award-winning work is often raw and compelling and highlights the tensions between established norms which no longer offer children the protection they deserve, and the important work that needs to be done to ensure vulnerable children are cared for properly.

We think this image is rather profound. Faceless, nameless government figures marching over the children they are tasked with protecting as the march, or the ceaseless process, continues unaffected or altered by the impact it has on families inside the system. It is a stark reminder of how bureaucracy and bottom lines can make us numb to the very job we are assigned to do in the first place. That standing by and doing nothing, is as inexcusable as actively causing harm.

Notwithstanding the important message this haunting painting sends out, the artwork itself is stunning, and so this month, Albina’s wryly titled, “Glorious March of Authorities” is our featured image.

Albina Kumirova Glorious March of Auhorities