This just in: Baroness Butler-Sloss has just stepped down as Chair of the government’s latest inquiry into historic child sexual abuse.

The Baroness has been very gracious about this move. She has explained that she didn’t think about her family ties and the potential conflict of interest involved as a result of her late brother Michael Havers’ position as attorney general in the 1980’s. Her thoughtful statement directed at the survivors of this horrendous abuse is touching and considered:

“This is a victim-orientated inquiry and those who wish to be heard must have confidence that the members of the panel will pay proper regard to their concerns and give appropriate advice to government.

“Having listened to the concerns of victim and survivor groups and the criticisms of MPs and the media, I have come to the conclusion that I should not chair this inquiry and have so informed the Home Secretary.”

The government have yet to appoint a new chairman. For our part, we would like to see Kids Company Founder Camilla Batmanghelidj sit as Chair on this inquiry. It’s not because her surname features a superhero in it (although we happen to think that’s quite cool). It’s because she is truly independent, has a wealth of experience working with vulnerable children and loves them to bits, too. Add into the mix her intelligence and talent when it comes to protecting children, and you have the perfect Chair. Dave, if you’re listening….

Watch this space.