We saw these articles this morning and thought they were interesting and worth a read.

The first looks at privileging adoption over fertility treatment in America. It’s written by Jurgen De Wispelaere. The paper offers an ethical proposition: why not ensure that all children without a home are cared for first before allowing couples to engage in fertility treatment? Setting aside the rights and wrongs of adoption and the possible mistakes which we know occur in removal, and looking at this concept ‘as is’, it’s clearly controversial. At its heart, it focuses on the interests of born children versus unborn children. We can see arguments both for and against this view but we’d love to hear your thoughts and engage with you on them.

The second paper looks at marriage, cohabitation, paternity tests, contact, care orders and more. The author is Ng Cin Yan. The paper is divided into short articles, makes for an accessible read and is also though-provoking.