The Office of the Children’s Commissioner is to launch a two year inquiry into what it feels are alarming gaps in knowledge and understanding by social care professionals when it comes to child sexual abuse within families.

The findings of a study which the Commissioner launched has been published today and highlights what is a glaring omission in this field – virtually no research looking at how to help children in this context exists.

And you wonder how social workers manage to do any good at all.

Here at Researching Reform one of the things we feel very strongly about is training. If we were running the social care sector in this country we would ensure that all the courses were of the highest quality, run by the most experienced and talented people, and we would insist that prospective students were child focused and passionate about caring for others. Problems with resources inside the system aside, these measures would at least ensure that we had many more people inside the system who took pride in their work and who felt invested in making the sector exceptional.

So, whilst we think it’s great that this report highlights what is quite frankly an embarrassing truth about social work in this country, we say, what about the rest?

It’s time the UK took social care seriously and endeavoured to protect our children – each and every one.