Welcome to another warm start to the week, and whilst we’re tempted to say it’s cloudy with a chance of meatballs, perhaps we might swap meatballs out for naan…

The BBC tells us that in an effort to slow the divorce rate down in Tajikistan, girls are being taught homemaking skills. The move has been embraced by parts of the education system but met with some skepticism in other corners. It has even roused some to suggest that the measure implies women are somehow responsible for family breakdown. Other teaching professionals inside the country feel that literacy and education are more determinative factors when it comes to divorce. And some believe that money is the issue – more jobs with decent pay, Khujand headmaster Fayzullo Fayziyev says, is what helps keep marriages afloat.

Our question this week, then, is this: what do you think, if anything, can help prevent family breakdown?