It’s one of our favourite enterprises for children in the world, so we’ve come to expect nothing but the best from Kids Company when it comes to rallying to the side of children in England, and this campaign doesn’t disappoint.

See The Child, Change The System is KidsCo’s response to the damning Centre for Social Justice’s Report on child protection services in Britain today. (You can check out the CSJ’s press release here).

The campaign calls for a complete overhaul of the system, which is overloaded and not functioning properly, and asks you to sign a petition asking the government to make the necessary changes. Changes, Kids Co says, that should reflect exactly what children need, and as many of them do not have a voice inside the system, we as adults have to be those voices for change. So far, the campaign has garnered over 8,000 supporters.

Once you sign the petition, you’re invited to post a photo of you as a child on your Facebook page with the caption:

“This is me as a child. 1.5 million children in the UK aren’t so lucky and are suffering without any help. Please support the #Seethechild campaign to change children’s services and help to stop their suffering by signing the petition here:“.

The tagline ‘see the child’ is perfect too, as we often fail to truly see the children inside the system.

We think it’s such an important campaign. If you do one good deed today, please make it this.

A big thank you to Lisa-Marie for alerting us to this campaign.